What We Believe

The CBA agrees with, and operates on, the tenets of faith set forth in the Baptist Faith & Message 2000. Click the button to read it.

Relationship with GBMB and the Southern Baptist Convention

If there is one word that captures Southern Baptist Churches it is the word COOPERATION.   Through partnerships among all of the churches in the convention we experience the synergy that produces by God’s Grace and Power to place missionaries and the Gospel of the Lord Jesus throughout the world, beginning right here in Columbus, GA.  

This cooperation accomplishes missions at home , in the state of Georgia, in the U.S. and around the world  through the Columbus Baptist Association, the Georgia Baptist Mission Board, The North American Mission Board and the International Mission Board. As well Baptist colleges and seminaries in our state, nation, and world.

There has never been so much produced through a cause for Christ as with the Cooperative Program

Our Core Values

Principles that Guide

Because of the core values shared by partner churches, certain principles for an effective partnership begin to emerge. Partnerships committed to these principles have a great potential to experience the activity of God in the lives and ministries of all those in partnership.


Because partnerships are expressions of being on mission with God, it is imperative that the Spirit leads the partners, and that the partners are sensitive to the Spirit’s urging or prompting. Partners who are led by the Spirit are faithfully obedient to the Word of God because the Spirit does not lead contrary to God’s Word. Through the Spirit’s leadership, partners come alongside each other to bear one another’s burdens while carrying out the responsibilities of the partnership.

Kingdom Vision

A vision for God’s kingdom drives the best partnerships. Such a vision builds God’s kingdom and drives partnerships toward a God-sized task past shortsighted and personal kingdoms. A partnership with a kingdom vision glorifies God and testifies to His empowerment of those with His vision.


Determining the difference between a good thing and the best thing is difficult. In a partnership, determining what is strategic depends on keeping the kingdom vision in clear focus and working to accomplish it intentionally. Such strategic thinking, planning, organization, and implementation generally result in a partnership accomplishing a kingdom vision.

Value People

One key to an effective partnership is valuing people with different backgrounds, skills, talents, experiences, and so forth. Partners need to be careful not to judge the other partner’s motive or activity but to receive them as God’s choice instrument in the work that He has called you both to accomplish. One aspect of valuing people involves leaving personal agendas at home. All partners place the accomplishment of God’s vision over the attainment of personal agendas.

Encourage Communication

Good communication is vital to a partnership from its beginning to the end. Effective communication is intentional, not accidental. Good communication involves open, honest discussions that are clear and frequent. When working as partners in missionary groups, clear and thoughtful communication is vital so no one misunderstands another.


Success of a partnership depends on it being a cooperative effort. A cooperative spirit should permeate teams and partners. Cooperation depends on trust. Partners join partners. Partnership means that we have the opportunity for growth in Christian fellowship, discipleship, and united mission work. Partnership is all about going to do with one another rather than going to do for yourselves.


For a partnership to work well, intentionality is a must. To keep the vision in focus, to work strategically, to be led by the Spirit without going off course, a partnership must have intentionality. Without intentionality, flexibility can be perilous to accomplishing the strategic objectives that lead to reaching the kingdom vision of the partnership.


Flexibility is the ability, tempered by intentionality, to adjust to changing needs and circumstances without losing sight of the kingdom vision. The partner’s commitment to the gospel, its content, and commands is not flexible; however, partners should be flexible and adaptable in the method, manner, and mode of carrying the gospel to the lost.


The call of God on partners’ lives creates an accountability to be faithful in His tasks. A standard of excellence should exist in all partnerships: i.e. mission and ministry work, administration, as well as love and unity among the partners. Anything less than the best brings reproach on God.